9 Reunions Fans Can Not Wait To See In Nigerian Music

9 Reunions Fans Can Not Wait To See In Nigerian Music


It is no news that the Nigerian music industry has morphed into a multibillion naira enterprise as it is, with even bigger prospects of gaining more traction in years to come.

For an industry this successful with little or no government intervention, it is evident that the future is not in doubt.

We begin the year 2016 on a high note, even though there have been a couple skirmishes here and there, and we hope more opportunities open up and help the Nigerian entertainment industry cement its place as one of the nation’s top tier sectors.

The benefits of being firmly placed in the top tier sector of the nation are multifaceted in aspects of job creation, overall revenue generation and economic independence among other things.

As we gear up for this ‘breakthrough point’ in the Nigerian music industry, we take a look at top music groups/ partnerships that used to be but aren’t anymore.

In this light, we examine 9 reunions music fans and critics cannot wait to see again in Nigerian music:

1. Trybesmen

If you grew up in Nigeria in the late ‘90s into the early 2000s, there is no way you won’t have a nostalgic feel when you hear a Trybes Men song on radio today.

The trio of eLDee, Freestyle and Kaboom were simply flaming back in the day, so on fire Lanre Dabiri (aka eLDee, the label’s head honcho) expanded the team and they called it Da Trybes.

Trybes Men had multiple hit records from Plenty Nonsense to Shake Body and Numero Uno, to name a few.

With the expansion, we witnessed the addition of Sasha, 2Shotz, Dr SID, Blaise and Oladele amon others and theirs was simply pure, unfettered hip hop with a Nigerian undertone. The group is most fondly remembered for the song Oya but the music literati will tell you their impression stays remarkable throughout the history of hip hop in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole.

2. Dbanj and Don Jazzy

Quite frankly, more than enough has been said on how interesting it would be to have these two music heavyweights come back together and make music.

At 2face Idibia’s 40th birthday celebration in September, 2015, there was a clarion call from the African Queen star for both acts to come together and remake the magic of the lustrous Mo’Hits era.

And even though it is obvious that Dbanj is leaning more towards a reunion, Don Jazzy seems a bit cold towards it (judging by his body language and various other speculations). Maybe because he has hit newfound greatness with his ‘newbies’ Reekado Banks, Korede Bello and D’ija. Only time will tell how this plays out but fans are yearning for a reunion with both stars.

3. Plantashun Boyz

Body & Soul was the album of the people in Nigeria all through year 2000 into the next few years, and it is easy to see that the fans will give anything to see an actual reunion of Plantashun Boyz, easily Nigeria’s biggest ‘male group’ of the last decade or more.

4. Remedies

Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila and Eddy Remedy were many shades of remarkable under the Kennis Music imprint back in the day and though Eedris and Tony achieved fairly good feats with individual careers, it was nothing quite like when the trio was together. The fans would definitely love a reunion of all three again.

5. Styleplus

Runaway, Imagine That and Olufunmi will ever stay entrenched on the hearts of the youths of this day and age who grew up in Nigeria in the 2000s.

Their brand of R&B and Afro Pop/ soul was a breath of fresh air in the music community for its originality and Afrocentric influences.

6. Kc Presh

Since the breakup, Kcee has gone on to conquer more grounds than the group put together could even conquer. Regardless, fans would love a comeback of the yesteryears sound from the duo at least for some relaxation and the fun of it, if nothing else.

7. Banky W, Skales and Wizkid

WizKid left EME records and launched into further trajectory on a solo movement.

Skales, under the tutelage of Baseline Records, has gone on to carve himself an impressive name and acclaim.

With the absence of these two (and with a lethargic display from label head Banky W) amidst rumours of Banky quitting music soon, there doesn’t appear to be much left to look forward to from the label. But Shaydee has the spark in him too, maybe just a little, and with some more concentrated A&R attention and plugging he might step up into the front row of Nigerian music, who knows?

Niyola is okay vocally and has what it takes to soar, but she needs to get a number of areas right with her craft.

That said, a comeback with Skales and Wizkid joining the party would be just fine for the EME team. It sounds even juicy contemplating it and with the individual successes of Wiz and Skales, fans would relish a reunion.

8. Kel and Capital Hill

The ‘femcee’ left the radar shortly after her split with label boss Clarence Peters and not much has been heard from her ever since.

It will be sweet to have her get back on that fiery, razor-sharp zone she was in around 2009 into 2010. More specifically, it won’t be out of place to see her join forces again with Capital Hill Music. The fans will sure love it.

9. 2Shotz Big Lo

If you are familiar with Nigerian music, you will agree that Big Lo and 2Shotz were almost like a Siamese twin in terms and view of their music similarities. They made the infectious Delicious – a hit song that tore through several charts and regions of the nation and critics hold that a reunion of these two would be spot on.

10. Timaya and Dem Mama Solider:
These guys were hot and on fire back in 2006, 2007, 2008, they conquered the music sense in the south south part of Nigeria with hit upon hit, though Timaya is still doing well music wise, but fan will love to see them together again doing songs.

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