Carlos Tevez Becomes The Highest Paid Footballer In The World (See)

Carlos Tevez Becomes The Highest Paid Footballer In The World (See)


Highest Paid football players in the world

Carlos Tevez has left his boyhood club Boca Juniors to sign for Shanghai Shenhua.

So, Carlos, what attracted you to the stupidly-rich Chinese Premier League? The former Juventus, Manchester City, Manchester United, West Ham and Corinthians striker is now the world’s highest-paid footballer on £615,000 per week.

That means he will earn around £2,723,000 per month. That’s £31,980,000 per year. And £63,960,000 over his two-year contract.All for a 32-year-old who no longer earns a place in the Argentina squad.

The crazy numbers don’t stop there. Tevez’s mind-boggling wage works out at roughly: £87,857 a day, £3,660 an hour,£61 a minute, and £1 a second.

To put it another way, if you combined the £250,000 p/w wages sought by Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil in their contract stand-off with Arsenal, you would still have enough left over to handHarry Kane his £100,000 Friday pay cheque.

Or you could pay all three of arguably the best creative talents in the Premier League: Eden Hazard (£220,000 p/w), David Silva (£200,000 p/w) and Kevin De Bruyne (£170,000 p/w).

And if you combined the wages of the Premier League’s two highest-paid players, Paul Pogba (£290,000 p/w) and Wayne Rooney (£260,000 p/w), there would still be £65,000 left in loose change from Tevez’s wage.


Tevez has shot to the top of the world’s best earners list

1) Carlos Tevez (Shanghai Shenhua) £615,000 per week £31.98m per year

2) Oscar (Shanghai SIPG) £400,000 per week £20.8m per year*

3=) Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) £365,000 per week £19m per year*

*4=) Lionel Messi (Barcelona) £365,000 per week £19m per year*

*5) Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) £346,000 per week £18m per year*

*6) Hulk (Shanghai SIPG) £317,000 per week £16.5m per year

7) Paul Pogba (Manchester United) £290,000 per week £15m per year

8) Neymar (Barcelona) £289,000 per week £15m per year*

*9=) Graziano Pelle (Shandong Luneng) £260,000 per week £13.5m per year

9=) Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) £260,000 per week £13.5m per year* Transfer is set to be completed in January*

* All estimated figures are pre-tax, except in these cases where figures are post-tax. Sums may vary according to bonus payments.

Perhaps Tevez was convinced to join Shanghai by the abundance of delicious Chinese cuisine, which he will no doubt have sampled during his time in Manchester at footballers’ favourite Wing’s.

Should he return to his old haunt, Tevez could afford to eat the generous ‘Banquet’ menu (featuring Dim Sum Platter, Aromatic Crispy Duck, Sizzling Fillet Steak Cantonese Style, Yeung Chow Fried Rice and a Fresh Fruit Platter) 17,621 times in just one week. Orhe could just opt for 113,889 portions of spring rolls.
In Tevez’s new home city, the average weekly wage is 1999 Yuan – roughly £235. That means he will earn 261,702 times what the average resident of Shanghai takes home.

But if he ever gets homesick, a return flight to Buenos Aires can be found for as little as £1,060, meaning he could fly home 580 times a week (if he could somehow conjure the time).

One final sobering thought: if it took you two minutes to read this article, Tevez is already £112 richer than when you started.


2001-2004 Boca Juniors
110 appearances, 38 goals

2005-2006 Corinthians
76 appearances, 46 goals

2006-2007 West Ham
29 appearances, 7 goals

2007-2009 Manchester United
99 appearances, 34 goals

2009-2013 Manchester City
148 appearances, 73 goals

2013-2015 Juventus
95 appearances, 50 goals

2015- Boca Juniors
17 appearances, 9 goals

INTERNATIONAL – 2004-2015 Argentina
Z76 appearances, 13 goals

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