Faze talks about his life with 2face and BlackFace, and His plan for the year (Read)

Faze talks about his life with 2face and BlackFace, and His plan for the year (Read)

Faze, Blackface and Tuface once upon a time used to be very tight. All three starting off their careers as Plantashun Boiz back in the early 2000s. However after a breakup and many twists and turns, beefs with one another, all three seem to be at least cordial.

Well we can’t guarantee that Blackface and Tuface will be having dinner together sha.In an interview with Saturday Beatz Faze said that former mate, Blackface was the first person to ever believe in his talents. Speaking in the interview hesaid “Blackface was the first person to believe in me and he was also the first person to believe in my talent.

He gave me the required push to succeed as anartisteand made merealisethat I had a talent which could be expanded. When I first started out, I used to go for talent hunt competitions and Blackface always urged me that I would win, surprisingly, I always won in those competitions.

He is part of my success story because he made me believe thatI could break through in the industry.” He also talked up Blackface being the reason he joined the Plantashun Boiz, and said his former mates are like family to him. He also said that he’s been trying to settle the differences between 2face and Blackface.

“Blackface was the one that urged me to join the Plantashun Boys because the combination of himself and Tuface was not strong enough. He felt that if a third party with their kind of flavour came into play, it would make the band better. He was the one that made the decision and he was right. Shortly after I joined Plantashun Boys, Blackface advised me to move in with them at FESTAC.

He said that if I was going to be a part of them, I would have to stay with them so that we could all understand ourselves better and connect easily. Right now, I am very close to Tuface and Blackface and we are like family. If either of them has an event or wants a cameo appearance from me, I would always be there.

I am going to do a song with Blackface very soon.” “I know that they both have a personal issue and on several occasions, I have sat them down to discuss what the issue is. I know it is not easy and both of them do not want to tell me what the issue is but I know that with time, things would sort themselves out. I have spoken to them individually.

Meanwhile, my album is almost complete and I am doing a lot of collaboration. I should release the album in November.”

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