See How These Corpers Were Punished for Annoying Their Military Platoon Leader (Photo)

See How These Corpers Were Punished for Annoying Their Military Platoon Leader (Photo)


It’s not everyday you see this type of thing. Some youth corpers have been forced to kneel on the floor for a certain period of time after they annoyed their platoon leader.

The corpers were forced to kneel on the ground for some timeThe manner in which about 20 National Youth Corps Members were punished by a miltary platoon leader has caused controversy online.

About 20 graduates currently undergoing orientation at a camp in Umunna, Bende area of Abia state were forced to kneel in the sun for some time after allegedly annoying their platoon leader.

However, many people have condemned the military man who punished the graduates as they opined that they should not have been given such a treatment. Some have said the act is tantamount to abuse.

A corps member who reported the incident wrote: “I ama corp member currently undergoing orientation course at the NYSC orientation camp, Umunna, Bende, Abia state.

This morning, during parade rehearsals, some corp members in 9 Platoon got the platoon inspector annoyed and he punished them by kneeling them downfor some time before releasing them.

#Even graduates still get kindergarten punishments.”People have condemned the photo and reacted to it saying the punishment was uncalled for.

“Laughing. Hilarious seeing grown ups this way. Almost 40 Educated Graduates, kneeling with their hands in the air, controlled by one Gun-less Soldier.

These Corpers kneeling down, are all embarrassment to their educated minds, and to their rights. Never ever allow any man put you on your knees, no matter what,” someone wrote.

“They are in a camp for training, nothing degrading here; discipline is the watch word, they can take up their certificates when they leave the camp.”another added.

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