TIME TO LAUGH!! Nigerians React On Twitter About Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerbery's Visit

TIME TO LAUGH!! Nigerians React On Twitter About Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerbery’s Visit


Specifically, he was at CoCreation Hub in Yaba when the news broke thisevening. Not being ones to let an “August” occasion like this without a comment, every witty Nigerian took toTwitter to share their thoughts on the modest billionaire. With our penchant for having the appropriate words for any situation, Twigerians commented on everything from the American’s ubiquitous jeans and t-shirt to how this may affect the price of “rice” in Nigeria.


Here are some of the wittiest tweets will could find.

1. How does this affect price of rice? Hope dis reduces cost of rice “@chronikquotes: Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria(see pics)https://t.co/KOX1qnvEec

— Amara (@DaHomeGal)August 30, 2016

2.  A thief in the nightFacebook founder and world’s 7th richest man Mark Zuckerberg Is In Nigeria now. He entered unannounced like a thief in the night.

— chinanu Ndumele CN (@CN4real)August 30, 2016

3. Broke manFacebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg inNigeria. No entourage! No Noise! No Barricades! No Convoy! Just on a jean & Tees. Na broke man dey shout!— 胜利者 (@oluwacaptain)August 30, 2016

4. Ol’ grey T-shirtMark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria wearing the same ol’ grey T-shirt. But who cares? He’s taking over the world…

— Tolu ‘Yeni (@tsmolzz)August 30,2016

5. Like Zuckerberg, like GatesCan we have a University in Nigeriawhere you dont need to complete ur education yet be successful like Bill Gate & Mark Zuckerberg?

— Don Nwokedi CEH CHFI (@DonNwokedi)July 29, 2016

6. Zuckerberg, the proprietor Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg has a school somewhere in Nigeria.. What a philanthropist
— Odogwu Akataka 💪 (@p_nator) July 29, 2016 Mark Zuckerberg at the CoCreation Hub in Lagos.

7. Zuckerberg vs. Nigerian politicians Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria!Politicians: Let’s quickly enact a law to block that investment and kick him out. pic.twitter.com/m9kDM52STy

— Joey Akan (@joeyakan)August 30, 2016

8.Don’t try this at home! No one knew Mark Zuckerberg will be in Nigeria until he landed & u saying u can’t leave home cuz your dad is home? pic.twitter.com/muMN8qnVER

— BABA OBA (@GalacticoHD) August 30, 2016

9. Well done, Zuck!Lol??? Who kw u@unicodeveloper: So Mark Zuckerberg decided to visit Nigeria when I am not in Nigeria..Zuck well done, well done ����������
— Edison (@edison4me)August 30, 2016

10. How much is flight to Lagos?Zuckerberg in Nigeria and you people didn’t talk since…how muchis flight to Lagos or wherever 😒
— Fareem (@AdaFarida)August 30, 2016

11. Delete FacebookZuckerberg is in Nigeria? Mako boy enter town him no fit holla at boys?*deletes Facebook*— Mayowa George (@Wana____) August 30, 2016

Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004, while he was still a student at Havard. The 32-year-old is married to Priscilla Chan and has one daughter, Max.

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