TIME TO LAUGH!! Twitter Naija Shares #1000NigerianWaysToDie

TIME TO LAUGH!! Twitter Naija Shares #1000NigerianWaysToDie

There is never a dull moment in the Twitter Universe, especially the Nigerian Planet of that Universe.

Today, Twitter users are sharing #1000NigerianWaysToDie.

This will surely make your evening, especially if you grew up in a typical Nigerian home.


When your mom tries to beat you and you dodge it#1000NigerianWaysToDiepic.twitter.com/DF5CA1cQXF

— Zaddy (@kingfromthewest)August 28, 2016

Mum: why are you not eating with your siblings?
Me: I don’t like beans…

— leboo_ogee (@Leb00_ogee) August 28, 2016

#1000NigerianWaysToDieafter your mum cooks efo riro and amala then you say you want rice and chicken stewpic.twitter.com/nw4WuX2uml

— Dewunmi (@b_dewunmi)August 28, 2016

Mum: who are you talking to on that phone by this time of the night?
Me: pic.twitter.com/CyQnvVEljw

— Cocoa✨ (@BROWNIE__XX)August 28, 2016

#1000NigerianWaysToDiewen ur gettin a strong beating from some1 and ur fwndz keep shouting Bruce lee Bruce lee

— Papacy (@Combs_x)August 28, 2016

Dad: ask me a question my child
Me: your mates that are rich do they have two heads?pic.twitter.com/KoDyOcFsgE

— Cocoa✨ (@BROWNIE__XX)August 28, 2016

*Around 2 am*
Mum: why did you lock your room door??
Me: My girlfriend is aroundpic.twitter.com/gCu5sO6qna

— OTM Escobar (@Tobito_SAMA) August 28, 2016

Dad; you are always pressing ur fone
Me; gbeborun, is it ur fone?
Dad; oya close the doorpic.twitter.com/zg35vRuz86

— Mr Houzil (@_Houzil)August 28, 2016

Tell your mum to stop shouting#1000NigerianWaystodie

— God’s Own Son (@EOnyeche) August 28, 2016

Look at the floor/ceiling/wall when your mother is taking to you#1000NigerianWaysToDiepic.twitter.com/8D85yYkChQ

— Lei (@Leeiaah_) August 28, 2016

Mom:Pass me the remote me:mummy catch#1000NigerianWaystodiepic.twitter.com/ZNnnrhuEKk

— YOUR FAV HOME BOY (@udisiemi_) August 28, 2016

Telling your mum you won’t go to school because you have headache#1000Nigerianwaystodie

— YOUR FAV HOME BOY (@udisiemi_) August 28, 2016

Impregnate a military man’s teenage daughter. Please just go and buy your coffin jejeli.#1000NigerianWaysToDie

— Jon Snow (@iam_Dami)August 28, 2016

#1000NigerianWaysToDie if the ball should enter ur toros when u are playing kolo.😝

— Mustty westbrook (@iammustafly) August 28, 2016

Daughter : mum I’m pregnant
Mum: for who

Daughter: for the Barber opposite our shop


— Abu Bakr (@its_Abubakr)August 28, 2016

When you hear your Dad fart and you laugh like thispic.twitter.com/ZLDjlaTFDK

— Man.P (@odosa_progress)August 28, 2016

Mom:is this how you will be acting in your husband’s house?

Me:Did i tell you i want to get married?#1000Nigerianwaystodie

— Schön (@_kushim) August 28, 2016

You go out with your parents to their friends house and you ask for food.#1000NigerianWaysToDie

— Mufasa ❌ (@JeSuisNaga)August 28, 2016

Dad: pass me the remote
Me: is your hand paining you?pic.twitter.com/TL62XEK4lU

— Mufasa ❌ (@JeSuisNaga)August 28, 2016

You’re the last born but you change the channel from NTA to Cartoon Network.#1000NigerianWaysToDie

— Mufasa ❌ (@JeSuisNaga)August 28, 2016

*2 mins into lunch*
Mum: where is your meat? ?
Me: Ehm.. Ma…

Mum: pic.twitter.com/279GXkiF7j

— CHO (@Chidubem__O)August 28, 2016

During midnight call when your mum seizes your phone & you have not cleard whatsapp messagespic.twitter.com/eOGHtELjZk

— CHO (@Chidubem__O)August 28, 2016

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