Why Nigerian ladies die for men with big penis

Why Nigerian ladies die for men with big penis


I am sure you already know that Nigerian Ladies prefer large penises to small or average penises.

Of course so many men like you have moved on from the mindset of wondering if penis size matters, because we all it know it does.

No matter how many sayings or clichés are phrased to console men that penis size does not matter, the truth is that if a Nigerian Ladies was to choose between two men who meet the standards she like in every area except one has an average penis and one has a big penis, all Nigerian ladies on the face of this planet would choose the man with the larger genitals.

Why this preference for a bigger penis? Wella bigger penis has a lot more benefits during sex thanan average one; let me explain a little bit.The main reason why Nigerian women love large penises (especially those who have had lovers that are well endowed) has to do with the structure of the vagina.

There are pleasure centers that are located deep into the vagina and around the walls of the vagina.

A small or average penis is not capable of stimulating all these pleasure centers and these usually results in a woman not being fully satisfied. But a big penis is able to explore deep into a woman’s vagina give her that lovely feeling of both deep penetration and being completely “full”.

A large number of women need to have their clitoris stimulated during sexual intercourse in order for them to achieve orgasms.

A large penis is more capable of stimulating the clitoris during penetration because of the thick base,which would stretch the vaginal lips and provide friction between the penis shaft and the clitoris.

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The first reason why Nigerian Ladies love large penis is very obvious, basically it just has to do with sight. A bigger penis is more pleasing to the eye than a small or average penis.

Most Nigerian women say that an erect big penis is a lot sexier and aesthetically pleasing than a small penis. Even though most men would argue that for women arousal is dependent more on touching and caressing, the truth is just like men, women are also aroused by sight.

For women just the sight of an erect big penis is enough to make them go into overdrive.

Another reason why Nigerian Ladies love large penises is also similar to the first reason. For women the sight of an erect big penis makes her open to achieving multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse because of the excitement it gives.

One thing that is important in enabling Nigerian women to achieve orgasms is their level of arousal.

And one advantage men with bigger penises have is that due to massive size of their genitals their lover’s vagina is already wet before foreplay begins.

This situation makes it easier for Nigerian ladies to achieve orgasms after orgasms. One interesting to note is that most women are more patient with men with big penises than men with average penis sizes.


Did you know that men with large penises are usually very confident in bed? Of course you knew that.

This is one thing that Nigerian women notice about well-endowed men. For men with small or average penises they constantly worry about whether they are big enough for their lover, this state of mind gives you less time think about what you woman really wants during sex because you are constantly warring if she is feeling you.

The more confident and comfortable a man is the better it would be for him to satisfy his lover in bed.

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